KTM EXC S3 Long Life Piston kit

You can also place the order by checking the units on the following table:

Image Reference Combination name Select quantity
PI-KTM-125-A C.C: 125, Piston: A
PI-KTM-125-B C.C: 125, Piston: B
PI-KTM-125-C C.C: 125, Piston: C
PI-KTM-200-A C.C: 200, Piston: A
PI-KTM-200-B C.C: 200, Piston: B
PI-KTM-250-A C.C: 250, Piston: A
PI-KTM-250-B C.C: 250, Piston: B
PI-KTM-250-C C.C: 250, Piston: C
PI-KTM-300-A C.C: 300, Piston: A
PI-KTM-300-B C.C: 300, Piston: B
PI-KTM-300-C C.C: 300, Piston: C
PI-KTM-TPI-300-A C.C: 300 TPI, Piston: A
PI-KTM-TPI-300-B C.C: 300 TPI, Piston: B
PI-9142-A C.C: 125, Piston: A (Flat)
PI-9142-B C.C: 125, Piston: B (Flat)

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