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Brand Montesa

You can also place the order by checking the units on the following table:

Image Reference Combination name Select quantity
- EX-MON5 Choose model: Montesa 4RT 05-08
- EX-MON9 Choose model: Montesa 4RT 09-19
- EX-MON-RR Choose model: Montesa RR diam. 30mm
EX-MON9-26 Choose model: Montesa 4RT 26mm diam. 09-19

More info

EXHAUST PIPE S3 TITANIUM FOR MONTESA 4RT. S3 TITANIUM Header pipe / front exhaust pipes made of Titanium!

These header pipes are works of art and the most beautiful header pipe you will ever find. They are extremely light weight and will add performance to your bike along with a very unique sound and exhaust note to your bike. Best engine response, more power on high Revs, Keeping engine very smooth on low Rpm.

To obtain the bests results on 125cc engines, use the ‘Compressor insert’ to give more torque on low Rpm, and top
power on high revs.

Approved by the best riders.

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