Cylinder for MONTESA-HRC 4RT

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Image Reference Combination name Select quantity
CY-MON4-80 Cylinder: 280
CY-MON4-82 Cylinder: 300

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Available in 2 sizes 280cc (d.80mm) and 300cc (d.82mm). High quality product. More capacity gives the engine more torque on bottom and more power on revs. The engine is very smooth on low RPM, and very powerful on high RPM.

Engineering and production 100% made by S3. Heavy duty casting, with more water capacity and more water circulation, flux spiral. Cylinder with NI-CA-SIL S3CYL®.

More power, more dreams. For a perfect output is good to use the S3 titanium exhaust pipe ( ref:EX-MON) and make injection settings.

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