Vertigo / JTG inserts using original head cover

You can also place the order by checking the units on the following table:

Image Reference Combination name Select quantity
ST-617-B Pieces Head Cylinder: Insert-250-B (Low Comp)
ST-1262-250-A Pieces Head Cylinder: Insert-250-A (High Comp)
ST-620-B Pieces Head Cylinder: Insert-300-B (Low Comp)
ST-1267-300-A Pieces Head Cylinder: Insert-300-A (High Comp)
- ST-1263-250-AA Pieces Head Cylinder: Inert 250 AA (very high compression)

More info

Different inserts compressions, what varies?

• Low compression: Incedible traction, smooth response, ideal for X-treme, TOP pilots use it. It's a delight!

• Standard (STD) compression: Higher torque and power at low revs. Even though it is similar to the original compression, you will notice the difference.

• High (A) compression: Possibility to add another gear, better traccion and very clean response.

• Very high ( AA y AAA) compression: Specially for 1500m high or more, or MX engine preparation.

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